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We solve people and companies legal problems like inheritance, immigration, asset protection problems. Avoid those problems protecting your love ones and your assets.

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*Family People                *Married with Children

*Blended Families          *Single Parents

*Chosen Family              *Business People

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Welcome to Rosenny Burgos, P.A.! Imagine a welcoming place where kind and knowledgeable people are here to assist you during tough times. Our team specializes in laws and regulations, aiming to be your superheroes for both families and businesses.

Led by Rosenny Burgos, our friendly experts are dedicated to helping you create a solid plan for the future. Our focus isn’t just on finances; we care about your family stories and personal values too. Think of us as reliable guides, ensuring your family and business thrive.

Life can get hectic, right? Well, Rosenny and her team have clever strategies to help you make wise decisions even when things are chaotic. We’re like your partners, ensuring a smooth journey as your family and business grow.

Did you know we’re also skilled at assisting people who want to move to the United States or become citizens? These significant changes might seem overwhelming, but Rosenny and her team know exactly how to make the process simpler.

If you’re considering positive changes in your life, talking to Rosenny and her team is a fantastic step. Even if it feels a bit intimidating at first, they promise it’s the right choice. You can easily schedule a call with us online.

Remember, Rosenny Burgos and her team are like friendly experts rooting for your success. Whether you send an email or give them a call, you’ll be delighted you reached out. We’re like a compass, guiding you on the path to your life’s journey. Your future and happiness are their priority!




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