Who Are We?



Rosenny Burgos is a Dominican-American lawyer licensed in Florida, Louisiana, and the Dominican Republic. She earned her Law degree from UNPHU, Dom. Rep. and a Master’s in Law from Vanderbilt University, TN USA.

Dr. Burgos has over 19 years of legal experience. Her practice focuses on Immigration and Estate Planning. However, Rosenny Burgos’s expertise extends to other areas of law such as Family, Commercial, Criminal, Estates, Trademarks, Traffic, Real Estate, Personal Injury, and Business Organization. This broad experience makes Dr. Burgos a well-rounded and resourceful legal professional to represent her clients.

Lawyer Burgos serves an international clientele and has represented clients both in the US and internationally. Rosenny Burgos’s passion for justice and safeguarding her clients’ rights led her to establish this firm, with offices in Florida and the Dominican Republic. The Law Offices of Rosenny Burgos provide clients with comprehensive support and the legal guidance they require.