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Rosenny Burgos, a Dominican-American attorney licensed in Florida, Louisiana, and the Dominican Republic, is a renowned legal expert with over 19 years of experience. As an alumna of UNPHU, Dominican Republic, and Vanderbilt University, Tennessee, she boasts a solid educational background in law. Dr. Burgos’s legal practice is diverse, encompassing areas like Immigration, Estate Planning, Family Law, Business Formation, Commercial Law, Criminal Defense, Collections, Trademarks, Traffic Law, Real Estate, Landlord-Tenant Law, Condominium Law, Personal Injury, and general counsel services. Her expertise makes her an invaluable asset to individuals and businesses alike, providing solutions and preventive legal strategies.

Serving an international clientele, Lawyer Burgos has represented clients in the US and globally, with offices in Florida and the Dominican Republic. Her firm, The Law Offices of Rosenny Burgos, is dedicated to offering comprehensive support and legal guidance, rooted in her passion for justice and client advocacy.

In addition to her legal prowess, Rosenny Burgos has co-hosted ‘El Gran Domingo,’ a significant radio show in the Dominican community, produced by Leonel Peña. Her insights have featured in major media outlets such as the Miami Herald, Dominicanos en Miami, Hispanic TV, Vega TV, Radio Unica, Univision, and LP RadioTV Miami, demonstrating her influence and expertise in legal matters. As a sought-after legal voice, she has been interviewed on various media channels, highlighting her depth of knowledge and dedication to the legal field. This blend of media presence and legal acumen positions Dr. Burgos as a distinguished and versatile legal professional.