Here is what our clients say … don’t belive it, try it yourself!

Attorney Burgos and her team members are awesome. I came for an immigration consultation 8 years ago and they treated me so well that she became my go to lawyer for anything I need for myself, my family and my business.

-Juan R.

Rosenny helped during a very difficult time in my life. When my husband passed, I didn’t know what to do. My children have university degrees, but they bussy with their lives and are not lawyers. Having Rosenny by my side made all the court and paperwork I had to deal with super easy. She took care of everything.

-Dorita P.

I opened my business and started “doing business” after a few months when my company started growing, some providers left me down with some orders. Several of my clients file a lawsuit against me and my company, file for Bankruptcy and almost ost my house. Ms. Burgos helped me to reorganize my business. I know I can count on her for anything regarding my family and business.

-Angel T.

Rosenny is an amazing human being. She has helped me. I live alone in the USA and my family lives outside in my home country. Rosenny has become my family here, she is always there for me. She is my guardian angel in the USA.

-Carmel P.

Ms. Burgos helped to resolve situations that I was dragging for years. I went to her because a friend recommended her. I’m so glad that God gave me the opportunity to work with Ms. Burgos. I thank my friend any time I see him for sending me Ms. Burgos way.

-Vivian J.

My wife and I don’t always include Ms. Burgos in our family and business decisions. I first met her when I needed to negotiate a credit card debt. Since then, Ms. Burgos has been my go-to lawyer. She is always ready to help or support me by finding and supervising other professionals I might need.

-John A.

I am married with children, have a business, and belong to the board of directors of my community. I really have a busy life. I keep Mr. Burgos’ contact at hand. I don’t like to take unnecessary risks!

-Charlie L.